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Tier 2 Visa – Skilled Workers

Tier 2, General visa has become the preferred route for those skilled workers coming to the United Kingdom for employment purposes.

Ever since the Tier 1, Highly Skilled Workers visa was abolished, the Tier 2 route has become the primary visa application for those highly skilled workers who already have a job offer in the UK.

There are a number of requirements for an application for a Tier 2 visa to help attain a positive result.

The successful applicant will need to show that they have:

  • a job waiting upon arrival into the UK
  • the income from that job is enough is to support the applicant’s stay in the UK

Upon a successful application, the visa granted should be for a term that is equal to the employment specified in the visa application.

In the event that the term of employment is extended or the applicant moves employment that necessitates a longer stay, the original visa may be extended following due application.

At present, the UK Government imposes a cap of 20,700 Tier 2 visa per year. However, those applicants who have a salary over £150,000 per year are not considered part of the cap and may be entitled to the Tier 2 visa if the annual cap is reached or not.

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