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Judicial Review

Judicial Review is where a decision is administratively reviewed to assess the legality of a decision made. It also can assess the process used to make that decision in the first place.

Judicial Review is mainly used in immigration cases where a negative decision has been made against an applicant and no right of appeal has been granted.

The procedure for applying for Judicial Review his both complex and time consuming.

What must be borne in mind is that Judicial Review is not a challenge to the final decision but a challenge to the legality and process behind the making of the decision.

A positive result from Judicial Review will not generally overturn the case however, it does allow for further legal applications to me made in order to seek a positive result in a person’s immigration or UK visa case.

As with all aspects of the immigration law and the procedures for removal of a person from the UK, the system can move very quickly when the wheels start to move.

What is imperative is that the person subject to removal proceedings gets expert immigration legal advice as soon as possible.

By using the services of a direct access immigration barrister, you will have an expert immigration lawyer working on your case and representing you at the relevant hearings.

With so much resting on being granted entry to the UK or being allowed to extend and existing UK visa, having the best legal advice and representation can be vital.

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