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Immigration Centre Staff Ordered To Put Disobedient Detainees Into Solitary Confinement

Immigration Centre Staff Ordered To Put Disobedient Detainees Into Solitary Confinement

It has been reported that immigration centre staff have been given new orders with what to do with “disobedient” detainees.

The new order has been in relation to the use of solitary confinement.

Which is bad enough, however, the order goes even further by inferring that they should be put in solitary confinement even if it is going to kill them.

A draft “detention services order” has told staff that the sanctions of solitary confinement can be used even if medical advice explicitly warns that it would be “life threatening”.

This practice has already been described by human rights campaigners as “cruel”.

The sanction can be handed out by immigration centre officials to any detainee who is deemed as being “stubborn” or “disobedient”.

Concerns have been raised by official watchdogs that detainees with mental health problems are being most affected.

The UK’s immigration detention centres are not only occupied by those people awaiting deportation but also by those who are making asylum applications and are awaiting the outcome.

These asylum seekers are not being held in the immigration centres as part of any sentence but as what seems to be an administrative convenience for the UK authorities.

A spokesperson for the Home Office stated: “It is important that maintaining safety and security of the detention facility is balanced against showing due regard for the dignity and welfare of the detainees.

“Detainees are only separated from others in exceptional circumstances. This is done for reasons of safety, either their own or for others, for security reasons or when an individual is being violent. Temporary confinement is never used as a punishment.”

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