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Immigration Advice

Entering the UK as a foreign national is becoming ever harder. UK immigration law continues to change and become more complex.

Knowing which visa to apply for, understanding the application process and providing the correct supporting information is vital in ensuing that your visa application to the UK has the best possible chance of being successful.

Making sure that you get the best immigration advice, from an expert immigration barrister, right from the start can make the different between being granted a visa in the UK and not.

Even if your application is not successful at first then an experienced immigration barrister will be able to advise you on your rights to appeal the decision. They will also be able to help with completing the necessary documentation and application for the appeal process to begin should it be appropriate in all the circumstances.

There are various types of visas for UK entry that can allow temporary or permanent entry into the UK.

Visas are available for a number of entry reasons such as:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Skilled Workers
  • Investors
  • Students

Any visa application to the UK made must be for the purpose stated. You may well be expected to provide proof of the reason for entry such as employment details, educational course details, residence whilst in the UK, etc.

Visa and immigration applications are long and arduous processes. They will be comprehensive forms to compete with supporting and additional information to be submitted if required.

Some of the supporting information may well be with other people, such as your employer, landlord or educational establishment. It can sometimes be a long dawn out process just to get the correct supporting documentation. The sooner your start the better.

Remember that getting your application right first time gives to a better chance of have your visa application granted.

However, no matter how well prepared your UK visa application and your including with all the supporting information, the sad fact is that it may be unsuccessful at the first attempt.

In some UK visa application refusal cases, you will be given the right to appeal the decision. However, in some cases no right of appeal is given. Where no right of appeal has been given you may be able to explore the use of a Judicial Review in your case and have the decision to refuse your entry examined. An experienced immigration barrister will be able to talk to you about all your choices and provide you with the best advice.

No matter what stage you are at with your visa application process, getting expert advice from an immigration barrister gives you the best chance of having a positive outcome with your UK entry visa.

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